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Read the standing orders! In this new podcast, viral superstar and Zoom Queen, Jackie Weaver, will be joined by a famous friend and answer all of your big, unanswered questions - like a couple of Agony Aunts! *** 👋 Please consider supporting this show on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/jackieweaverhastheauthority) for ad-free episodes, early access, shout-outs, Zoom calls with Jackie and tonnes of bonus content! Any donation really does help. 🎧 Remember to hit "Subscribe" or "Follow" and leave a nice 5* review. Or she might kick you out. ✉️ Looking to sponsor the show, get in touch, or just have a natter? ohmy@giddyauntc...

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian May 22, 2021

"Weaver wasn’t a bad host, though she missed a couple of chances to delve deeper, such as when Vine said he was immensely lazy and she changed the subject to cycling. She kept the jolliness levels high, but great interviewing is about listening, mostly."

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Score: 3

James Marriot • The Times UK May 20, 2021

"My main takeaway from the show is that Jackie Weaver generally doesn’t have the authority. She is, after all, a random parish councillor interviewing trained media professionals. Still, there’s something so eccentric about the format — an elderly member of the public interviews celebrities — you almost wonder whether it mightn’t outlast Weaver’s brief moment of viral fame."

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