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Irish Mythology Podcast


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Marcas and Stephie adapt and retell famous, and not so famous stories from Irish Mythology and Folklore. Each episode features a dramatic reading of one of these tales, along with a deep dive into the original versions that they are adapted from. Encounter mighty warriors, druids, witches, demons, monsters, gods, fairies, ghosts, saints, and scholars as we travel to magical locations in the Irish otherworld - below the ground, under the sea, in the sky and beyond the realm of comprehension. Support our work:

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.8

Keelin • Mentally? A Magpie. Jul 30, 2022

"I never feel off-put when Marcas and Stephanie are presenting their episodes. They are gentle, and entertaining with their presentations - between the twisting storylines and the language barrier, these two hosts pull off a feat. Every episode is filled with love and joy that I really appreciate as a listener. While the production quality is not the highest- it’s constantly getting better. It is warm and homey to listen to."

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