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Into the Depths


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Black scuba divers across the world are searching for buried shipwrecks from the transatlantic slave trade, when millions of enslaved Africans were trafficked to the Americas during the 15th to the 19th centuries. A new six-part podcast series, Into the Depths, follows National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts as she sets off on the journey of a lifetime to meet the divers, marine archaeologists, descendants of those brought over on ships, and historians investigating the lost stories of the slave trade. She’s inspired to share their accounts both to expand the historical record and to honor the estimated 1.8 million unsung so...

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Score: 4.9

Stephen O. • Podcast Delivery Jan 31, 2022

"...everyone has the chance to gain some perspective and rescue some real history. Into The Depths whisks us to coastal communities in Mozambique, South Africa, Senegal, Costa Rica and the United States to tell a truer version of history."

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