I'm Not A Monster - from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS

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I'm Not A Monster - from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS


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How did an American family end up in the heart of the ISIS caliphate? Over four years, journalist Josh Baker unravels a dangerous award-winning story where nothing is as it seems.

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Score: 4.8

Jake Greenberg • PodcastReview.org Feb 24, 2021

"From its opening episode I’m Not A Monster is compelling and propulsive. The creative team behind the show constructs it as a highly reported profile of one American woman, rather than attempting to generalize the tendencies and conditions that lead a US resident to join ISIS."

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Score: 4.5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Jan 23, 2021

"Baker has amazing access to those involved, including Isis fighters (though I don’t think he should have interviewed Sally’s child), yet this gripping podcast allows you to make up your own mind."

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