I Am All In with Scott Patterson

I Am All In with Scott Patterson

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Critic Rating: 4.7/5


Twenty years ago, you met Luke Danes...backward cap, plaid flannel, pouring the coffee. For the VERY first time, Scott Patterson (aka Luke) is watching Gilmore Girls. 154 episodes and 4 movies. We'll visit Stars Hollow, Doosey's Market, Miss Patty's, Mrs. Kim's antique shop and more pop culture references than you can count. Join us whether you're Team Dean, Team Logan or Team Jess. And, we'll see if we can figure out "who's the daddy". We'll talk fast, and if you can smell snow, if Paris isn't just a city in France, and Friday night dinner is a requirement... you don't want...

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.9

Tara McCamley - Headstuff - Aug 3, 2021

"The audio for some of these guests is not as clear as it could be due to pandemic restrictions and the use of remote recording, but where the sound quality lacks, the content more than makes up for. As an interviewer Scott Patterson is very personable, his connection to the guests and the subject matter makes for a compelling interview."

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Score: 4.7

Rebecca Onion - Slate - Jun 18, 2021

"Scott Patterson is committed. (“All in,” perhaps?) The conceit of the podcast is that he has never watched Gilmore Girls, despite starring in it, and he really sounds like he’s falling in love with the show—as well he should."

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Score: 4.5

Saloni Gajjar - AV Club - May 4, 2021

"Patterson’s podcast isn’t an outright rewatch podcast like the recent Welcome To The O.C., Bitches or Office Ladies, but it gives him the opportunity to enjoy the show after all this time as a viewer. "

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