How to Win a World Cup


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Football legend Gary Lineker and Spain’s World Cup winning midfielder Cesc Fabregas take a fun and entertaining look at what it takes to win the biggest prize in football. Across 14 episodes, they discuss whether your team needs a footballing genius, a top manager, the best tactics, a large slice of luck or some other secret ingredient! Gary and Cesc’s quest for the World Cup winning formula is a roller coaster ride full of larger than life footballing characters, secret dressing room tales and hilarious incidents on and off the field.

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Score: 4.5

Patricia Nicol • The Times UK Nov 20, 2022

"Captained by Lineker, this 14-part series involves enjoyable, easy chats on themes such as genius, leadership, penalties and keeping things together off field. If Fabregas sometimes sounds as if he has turned up without reading the briefing notes, he is soon up and running, while Lineker is as ineffably smooth as usual. …"

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