How to Buy a Home

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David Sidoni

How to Buy a Home


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If you’re interested in buying a home and don’t know how or where to begin, this will help you or contact 407-279-1930. Moe @D.R. Horton

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Liz G. - Jun 14, 2020

"The "How to Buy a Home" podcast with David Sidoni is a practical listening experience, perfect for someone who wants to dig into the details of first time home buying. David works hard to demystify home buying with insider knowledge from years of being a real estate agent in Southern California. Episode 27 is the best I've come across so far because he breaks down the U.S. Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction and realistic financial planning for your first home purchase. As a millennial, I never thought I'd be able to buy a home. But David's optimism and practical advice makes it seem more tangible than I ever thought."