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Idris Elba and Sabrina Elba present sci-fi mystery thriller Halfway, an Audible Original. Starring Patricia Allison as Florence, Lenny Henry as Cole, Arinzé Kene as Mark, and George Mackay as Oliver. Leading the field of artificial intelligence, Halfway, a subsidiary of Soul-Tech, provides customers with the opportunity to digitally upload their minds so that in the eventuality of their death, loved ones will be able to communicate with an AI simulation and gain closure. But at what cost? A year after her brother Mark’s death, Florence is still consumed by grief. And though her parents encourage her not to dwell on the past, Florence decides to visit Halfway and speak to the simulation of Mark that was created not long before his passing. But instead of putting her mind at ease, speaking with the replica of her brother only unleashes destabilising questions and opens old wounds. Why are Mark’s uploaded memories different from Florence’s? Why are the circumstances surrounding Mark’s death becoming less clear? And what does Halfway have to hide? Also starring Chizzy Akudolu as Delores, Jeremy Ang Jones as James, Jude Akuwudike as Omar, Sharon D Clarke as Afua, Aurora Dawson-Hunte as Shanice, Kevin N Golding as Jackson, Penny Layden as Anne, Hattie Morahan as Karen, Nneka Okoye as Megan and Grace Saif as Amissha. Featuring Amelie Abbott, Damola Adelaja, Lizzie Annis, Rachel Atkins, Michelle Asante, Dario Coates, Scarlett Courtney, Faith Edwards, Lucy Havard, Severine Howell-Meri, Asif Khan, Natasha Magigi, Leemore Marrett Jr, George Rextrew, Ash Rizi, Chloe Sommer, Adam Walker-Kavanagh, Sarah Whitehouse, Leah Whittaker and Keith Wickham. Directed by Holly Reddaway with Original Music and Sound Design by Axel Kacoutié Executive Produced by Idris and Sabrina Elba and S’able labs, with Green Door Written and Created by Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah. <<Only on Audible>>

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Score: 5

Hannah Verdier • The Guardian Apr 25, 2024

"Idris and Sabrina Elba pose some powerful ethical questions around AI and grief in this scripted podcast..."

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