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Ghosthoney's Dream Machine


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Greetings, Gentle Listeners!For his first ever podcast, TikTok’s Ghosthoney set out to make a simple show about his simple life, after recently moving into his late Great Aunt’s eclectic Los Angeles mansion.He quickly discovers that the home takes on a life of its own, however, and decides to document each and every odd occurrence.What unfolds is a comedic docu-style mystery podcast filled with a colorful cast of characters including an eternal goblin named Rose that lives underneath Ghosthoney’s bed and feeds on his socks; a sexy next-door neighbor who also happens to be a vampire...

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Life Hacker Jun 12, 2023

"It’s a podcast, but it’s also a fun house. Every so often Ghosthoney interprets listener dreams, which makes this dreamy show all the more dreamlike. This podcast exists on another plane, in a parallel universe. You’ll need breadcrumbs to find your way home. …"

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