Galaxy Brains with Dave Schilling and Jonah Ray


Galaxy Brains with Dave Schilling and Jonah Ray


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Journey into the unknown with Galaxy Brains — the most immersive, hilarious TV and movie podcast on this planet (or any other). Mystery Science Theater 3000's Jonah Ray and his pal, comedian and writer Dave Schilling, explore the outer reaches of the zeitgeist, analyzing the movies and TV shows that you can't stop obsessing over. Each week, we lab-test the hottest take possible — from Dom Toretto being an actual angel sent from Heaven, to the entirety of Seinfeld taking place inside Jerry's mind — and bring on comedians, experts, and filmmakers to confirm or deny our outrageous hypothesis.From Polygon and the Vox Med...

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter Oct 11, 2021

"If I had to bring one pop culture podcast on a deserted island, I think it’d be Galaxy Brains. It’s never just a straight-up conversation about something we’re watching, it always takes the conversation to a much deeper level, offering theories or takes that require an extra layer of thinking."

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