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Fun City


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A narrative play RPG podcast set in post-climate catastrophe New York City, in the year 2101. With Jenn de la Vega, Nick Guercio, Shannon Odell, and Bijan Stephen. GM'd by Mike Rugnetta with troublemaker Taylor Moore.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.7

Molly Cutler • The Daily Princetonian Feb 22, 2021

"For the audience, there’s the satisfaction of knowing there’s a well-thought-out plot arc leading the way, but there’s also a mindblowing sense of serendipity. With a tone that balances biting social satire with a certain kindness and wonder — blending fantasy, cyberpunk, science fiction, and comedy — “Fun City” frankly reckons with the difficulty of doing the right thing in a world structured to make that feel like a bad decision."

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Score: 5

Elena Fernández Collins • Elena Fernández Collins Blog Oct 16, 2019

" I have no idea how Rugnetta and Moore make co-GMing work so smoothly (Moore plays and rolls for the antagonists) but they do and it’s an absolute riot. If you need a particular balance of story improv and table talk, Fun City has that locked down."

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