From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge podcast (Series 3)


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Few humans in the history of civilisation have had a third series of their podcast commissioned. Fewer still have produced one that’s actually any good. Partridge Gordon Alan, or Alan Gordon Partridge to write his name the correct way round, is one of them. Now as comfortable at the controls of a podcast as he is driving all cars and doing most swimming strokes, Alan returns with a series that whooshes and pinballs around the many areas (there are approximately nine) of his life and brain. And with no regular, contracted broadcasting work to clutter up his days, Alan is free to focus on matters closer to home. Still based at his quasi-rural oasthouse, which now boasts a significantly better kettle than in series one and two, he shares with us thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams spread across eleven episodes with a mean duration of the twenty minutes stipulated in the contract. Would a better approach have been to let the content of each episode dictate its length? Of course it would but that’s a discussion for another day. So join Alan as he tackles the green eyed monster of envy in his attempts to keep hold of his new love, as he navigates how to re-invigorate an increasingly distracted personal assistant, as he vies for one of the most sought-after car-related ambassadorial positions in all of east Anglia, and as he seeks to track down an old Geordie friend long-presumed dead. They say there’s nothing more boring than the mundanities of everyday life. Well, Alan’s podcast focuses on literally nothing else. We hope you enjoy it. Warning: contains adult content and language

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Score: 5

Nick Duerden • Independent (UK) Sep 6, 2023

"...another multi-hour marathon of precision-tooled comedy...The character’s staying power is also due in no small part, of course, to Coogan’s exquisite performance, bringing Alan to life in such methodical detail, and in so many lovely jumpers, but these days it’s the Gibbons who do the bulk of the writing...Coogan comes in towards the end for tweaks and revisions, and to add the singular Coogan magic."

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Score: 5

Nell Frizzell • The Guardian Aug 24, 2023

"The high priest of nasality, the king of big plates, the enemy of perished pants is back with season three of the actually very well respected podcast."

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