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Critic Rating: 4.9/5


Emergence Magazine is an online publication with annual print edition exploring the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. As we experience the desecration of our lands and waters, the extinguishing of species, and a loss of sacred connection to the Earth, we look to emerging stories. Our podcast features exclusive interviews, narrated essays, stories and more. During this pandemic, we are publishing new content that explores the deeper themes and questions emerging at this time. These stories reveal new opportunities to deeply connect with each other and the living world—in the midst of this crisis and beyond. www.emergencemagazine.or

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.9

Calen Cross - Bello Collective - Dec 2, 2020

"The ever-constant march of time brings many new wonders and opportunities, but we must remember that that same march brings loss as well. This six-episode miniseries is beautifully produced, and hearing these languages is a sonic delight."

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