Election Profit Makers

David Rees, Jon Kimball, Starlee Kine

Election Profit Makers


Critic Rating

A podcast about election-related prediction markets. Hosted by Jon Kimball, Starlee Kine, and David Rees.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Chloe Walker • PodcastReview.org Nov 2, 2020

"Listening to the podcast every week offers a similar comfort to meeting up with old friends, and in an era where that has become a difficult thing to do, Election Profit Makers feels all the more precious. Another of the podcast’s many appeals is that the hosts all clearly enjoy each other’s company. Kimball and Rees first met during their school days in North Carolina, and they have the easy chemistry you’d expect from such a long friendship (Rees, Kimball and Kine are all in their forties now). …"

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