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Dishing Up Nutrition


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Learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Join us each week as licensed nutritionists and dietitians from Nutritional Weight & Wellness share practical, real-life solutions for healthier living through balanced nutrition. For over 25 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients and listeners discover how real food – animal protein, healthy fat, nutrient-dense carbohydrates – can increase energy, stabilize moods, jumpstart metabolism, eliminate cravings, restore digestion, balance hormones and so much more! For recipes, articles and more, visit us at

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Score: 4

Cara L. Jan 9, 2021

"I didn’t wholly agree with the first 10-15 minutes of this podcast which was a discussion about obesity and why obese people are obese. However, once Gary got into talking about keto, I was intrigued. I’ve always thought keto was an unsustainable, fad diet but Gary explains the science behind it in a really accessible way. There were so many lightbulb moments and since listening, I’ve recommended this podcast to many of my nutrition clients. Whatever your nutritional inclinations, it’s good to hear different viewpoints. Go into this with an open mind and you’re sure to learn something. (There are quite a few ad breaks in these podcasts which can be annoying as the hosts cut the speakers off mid-thought, but the content is usually worth the wait.)…"

Score: 4

Cara L. Dec 26, 2020

"The hosts explain why we experience cravings really well. It’s important to recognise why your body behaves the way it does and how this impacts your eating habits. Understanding this is the first step in combating cravings. I don’t agree with all of the nutritional advice given in these podcasts but the explanation of cravings in this one is easy for everyone to understand."

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