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Louisville, Ky. once made ambitious promises to transform its police department and mend its relationship with the Black community. Five years later, Louisville police killed Breonna Taylor in her home, kicking off a protest movement unlike anything the city had seen in decades. In a joint KyCIR/Newsy investigation, insiders and documents reveal the systemic barriers and choices made by city leaders and the Louisville Metro Police Department that led to its failure to meaningfully change. How did Louisville go from a national leader in policing to an epicenter of the movement for racial justice in the United States? Find...

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Score: 4.8

Mekita Rivas • Cosmopolitan Mar 24, 2022

"(Season 1) ...covers an investigation that is still ongoing, and it may not be the most uplifting as far as true-crime podcasts go but it’s compelling nonetheless."

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Score: 5

Jess Joho • Mashable May 13, 2020

"While a summary of Dig can sound too logistical to be interesting, superb storytelling and gutting personal accounts from survivors render these injustices impossible to turn away from. If you have even a passing interest in the issues brought to light by the Me Too movement, this is an essential (if enraging) podcast listen."

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