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Are you anxious and not sure why? If you answer yes, then that’s completely normal; you are human! Our brains aren’t evolved for the complexities and complications of modern life. So for his next trick, Derren Brown will reboot your brain, with the help of world-renowned experts. By drawing on wisdom and insights from modern psychology to ancient philosophy, Derren demonstrates how you can rise above your brain’s limitations and think yourself into a more fulfilling, less anxiety-ridden and perhaps happier life. A 7digital production for Audible Original Podcasts. ©2022 Audible, Ltd (P)2022 Audible, Ltd

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Score: 2

James Marriot • The Times UK Apr 8, 2022

"This is an Audible production (you have to pay) so it comes with the jazzy, if intrusive, sound effects and production gimmicks you’d expect from a company owned by Jeff Bezos. As philosophy goes, Derren Brown’s Boot Camp is not exactly Plato’s Republic. I preferred Brown the magician — but all that remains of him is an irritatingly whimsical way of talking. I would have preferred a hypnotism podcast but sadly this isn’t it. I think."

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