Dating While Gray

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Dating While Gray


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Gizzi Erskine and Sydney Lima explore the weird, wonderful and sometimes disturbing world of sex and love in the age of social media. Each week celebrity guests such as Rose McGowan, Ruby Wax, Munroe Bergdorf and Jon Ronson are invited to open up their social media DM boxes to see what lurks within. From extremely inappropriate trolls, to extremely niche porn, to extremely awkward sexual encounters, this is a no-holds-barred celebration of the world’s favourite past time - sex.Sex, Lies and DM Slides is a Spotify Original podcast from Heydon Prowse Productions, edited by Podmonkey with music by Free Seed Films. For Spotify, the executive producers are Rachel Simpson and Alexandra Adey.

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Score: 5

Elle Hunt • The Guardian Apr 21, 2022

"Dating While Gray approaches the challenge with gentle pragmatism and good humour, and from an admirable range of angles, for listeners perhaps steeling themselves to dip a toe into unfamiliar waters."

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