Curious State

Doug Fraser,

Curious State


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Could we have domesticated a T-Rex? Is the mafia really that violent? Haven't all the possible songs been written by now? Unexpected gems of knowledge are hidden all around us. Let’s dig them up, one offbeat question at a time.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.8

Stephen O. • Podcast Delivery Apr 4, 2022

"There's nothing complicated with this podcast or its premise so if a no-frills info session is what you're looking for, you'll benefit from giving this a listen. Fraser does one thing well – he frames each episodes' topic like it's meant for a 5-year-old but steers clear of being overly reductive or patronizing. He keeps things light and fun, and broadly educational."

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Score: 5

Hannah Verdier • The Guardian Mar 31, 2022

"There’s nothing like the soft, reassuring voice of an NPR host to make you feel more intelligent, so Doug Fraser is perfect...Particularly useful is his interview with therapist Lori Gottlieb on overcoming tricky childhoods."

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