Crime Waves: Cold Truth

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Crime Waves: Cold Truth


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This is the true story of the life, violent death, and still-unfolding legacy of Dr. Eugene Mallove, a renowned scientist and fierce advocate for a controversial form of alternative energy called cold fusion. Part true crime, part mad science — we follow Mallove’s near-obsessive dedication to a conspiracy-riddled field of research and how the unspooling investigation of his death became part of that story. Cold Truth is a limited-run, 8-episode season and the first in the Crime Waves anthology. Told by award-winning journalist and author David Kushner through interviews with family, colleagues, and investigators, this show takes us on a journ...

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Score: 5

Stephen O. • Podcast Delivery Nov 13, 2023

"This 8-episode narrative series folds together true crime and mad science and host David Kushner, who originally reported on this in 2016, is the best person to unravel the setup and the mysterious circumstances that led to a murder that took over 10 years to solve."

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