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Conflict of Interest


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In Series 2 of Conflict of Interest, celebrity guests ask the simple questions about the world’s most complex conflicts from the Cold War era. What actually was the Cold War? Who was fighting in Vietnam? Where are the Falklands Islands? Guided by an IWM curator, our guest is taken on a journey through the Imperial War Museum and HMS Belfast in London, discovering the objects, people and stories which bring a conflict to life.

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Score: 4.7

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Jun 26, 2021

"The opening episode, about the Yugoslav wars, had the clever, interested Deborah Frances-White asking the questions, and since then I’ve been dipping in and out. With neat production by Matt Hill, the time flew by, and by the end we understood that Syria is not a civil war but an international one, in which Turkey, Iran, Russia, the Kurds, Hezbollah and Isis all have interests."

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