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What's CODE SWITCH? It's the fearless conversations about race that you've been waiting for. Hosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race with empathy and humor. We explore how race affects every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, food and everything in between. This podcast makes all of us part of the conversation — because we're all part of the story. Code Switch was named Apple Podcasts' first-ever Show of the Year in 2020.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Michael Walsh - Yonkers Public Library - Nov 22, 2021

"NPR’s Code Switch is an educational podcast that spotlights important issues that do not always make the news. I learned a lot from just listening to one episode of this insightful podcast."

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Score: 4.7

Lian Brooks - Elle Magazine - Jan 15, 2021

"While Code Switch undoubtedly covers weighty topics, they break down overarching issues to make them accessible while still doing justice to the complex topics they cover. Exploring the ways in which race affects society from politics and history to media and sports, this insightful podcast invites listeners to educate themselves and join the conversation. …"

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Score: 4.8

Elias Lowland - The Harbinger - Dec 14, 2017

"Even though the episodes have next to nothing in common, it still wasn’t hard for me to find multiple episodes that caught my interest. While not every episode is on a riveting topic like police shootings or corruption in the legal system, Code Switch makes them worth the listen."

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Score: 5

Learn Out Loud Staff - Learn Out Loud - Jan 1, 2017

"Timely, important and eye-opening, Code Switch is recommended for anyone that would like to bring their own latent prejudices into the light of day."

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