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Class Action


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Meet the next generation of lovable lawyers in Class Action - an immersive 12-episode series hosted by Katie Phang. They’re idealistic, diverse, and passionate about seeking justice. And they’re fighting each other in court in the 21-22 season. Upstart law teams from Texas, New York and South Dakota are vying for a national championship, and a rising undergrad program is on a journey to the promised land of mock trial competitions.

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Score: 4.5

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Jun 8, 2022

"MSNBC anchor and trial lawyer Katie Phang, and other other legal professionals are periodically drawn in to serve as commentators on the events of the podcast and on the broader phenomenon of mock trials more generally. That choice in presentation doesn’t entirely work for me; it’s giving infomercial for law schools and the legal profession, which feels constraining. Let the tape run free, I’d say...the energy of these kids are palpable, and the severity of what they go through is wild."

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