Bundyville: The Remnant

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Bundyville: The Remnant


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Bundyville: The Remnant, a co-production between Longreads and OPB, explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired. This series investigates extremist violence that results from the conspiracy theories of the anti-government movement, who is inspiring that violence and who stands to benefit.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.8

Neroli Price • Daily Maverick Jul 10, 2020

"The second season of this gripping podcast takes a deep dive into the conspiracy theories propagated by the US anti-government movement inspired by the Bundy family. From secretive religious communities, to bombings in Nevada, journalist Leah Sottile lays out the genealogies of the radical ideas that shape whole communities in the American west and can have fatal consequences."

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Score: 5

Joshua Dudley • Forbes Dec 31, 2018

"This series goes deep...such a compelling tale."

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