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Blackbelt Voices

Publisher: Blackbelt Media LLC

Critic Rating: 5.0/5


The Blackbelt Voices podcast tells stories from and about Black folks down South that honor our history, celebrate our culture, and shape our future. Through first-person narratives and in-depth conversations, hosts Adena J. White, Kara Wilkins, and Katrina Dupins share the experiences of Black Southerners living in, loving, and reconciling with the region we call home. Music: Prentice Dupins Jr. Logo Design: Kara Darling Creative

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Justine Goode - Vanity Fair - Jun 16, 2020

"The name of the podcast itself also has complex and deep roots: “Black Belt” originally described a region of Alabama known for its dark, fertile soil, which in turn made it a highly profitable area for slavery. "

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