Between Us Queens

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Between Us Queens


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Have you ever wondered: Na-busted na ba ang isang Miss Universe? How does a Miss International deal with PMS? Si Miss Intercontinental ay dumaan na ba sa isang crazy breakup? Join Pia Wurtzbach, Carla Lizardo and Bianca Guidotti as they shake off the glitter of the pageant world and get candid about life in this podcast meant for every girl, every mamsh, and every queen.

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Score: 4.5

Ysa Singson • Cosmopolitan PH Mar 13, 2021

"The podcast is a little more on the serious side and I became a more active listener because of it. For the most part, the topics are very thought-provoking; it made me want to listen to it with a friend just so I had someone to bounce ideas with. Pia, Carla, and Bianca's stories + experiences are all different and I think that's what makes their conversations so enriching. Plus, their topics are *so* real, I bet every Pinay can relate to at least one episode."

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