Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza

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Battle Lines: Israel-Gaza


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The Israel-Gaza conflict is a deadly conflagration of violence and force that threatens to drag the entire region into open war. As Israel’s IDF pounds the Gaza Strip after a surprise attack of Hamas Terrorists killed over a thousand Israelis, soldiers and civilians the world looks on in horror as the war rages on. This podcast looks at Israel, Gaza, Palestine, the IDF, Hezbollah and the roles of numerous regional players including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the USA, Britain the EU and more.We also consider the role, responsibility and actions of individuals, from Benjamin Netanyahu to Joe Biden. Wit...

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James Marriot • The Times UK Oct 27, 2023

"...a last-minute adaptation, we’re told, of a plan to release a more general podcast on global security, defence and geopolitics. She reminds us that some Israeli citizens live so close to the border that they were able to watch their Palestinian neighbours hanging their washing on the other side of the fence. I had no idea that ever since Mao, the Communist Party had viewed the Palestinian struggle sympathetically, as a struggle for liberation."

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