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In 2019, we brought you the story of five unsolved murders in and around the small, tight-knit town of Bardstown, Kentucky. Season 2 brings us to a bayou community in Louisiana — Lacombe — where the wife of a local fire chief is missing the day a mysterious fire rips through her house. 'Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe' will explore why Nanette Krentel turned that home into a fortress, and ultimately, how that fortress failed to protect her. WWL-TV Investigative Reporter Katie Moore shares a story she’s been following since 2017. A story about fear, loss and a family's search for answers. Season 2 of 'Bardstown' is availa...

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Score: 4.8

Zach Johnston - Uproxx - Sep 16, 2021

"Where the show really shines is in revealing Bardstown’s seedy underbelly, while maintaining compassion for its residents."

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