Articles of Interest

99% Invisible, Avery Trufelman, Radiotopia

Articles of Interest


Critic Rating

Articles of Interest is a show about what we wear. Produced and Hosted by Avery Trufelman

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Oct 24, 2018

"Tightly produced and briskly paced by editor Joe Rosenberg and the 99% Invisible team, the six-part mini-series is an excellent collection of studies looking at the things we wear. Articles of Interest is purely Trufelman’s show: Her voice defines its style, her vision defines its substance. A production that feels like both an extension of the mothership and something completely its own, Articles of Interest seems like an emphatic answer."

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Score: 4.9

Lars Odland • Oct 16, 2018

"Like this first episode, each installment of Articles of Interest makes a distinct argument about the fabric under Trufelman’s scrutiny. In its six episodes, Articles of Interest makes you aware that there’s a story behind each garment in your closet, and that, whatever you choose to wear, your clothing will always be sending a message. …"

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