Alexei Sayle's Strangers on a Train


Critic Rating

Alexei Sayle breaks the golden rule of travelling by train in the UK - he actually talks to his fellow passengers to explore and reveal the lives of strangers on the train.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Aug 27, 2022

"Funny and engaged, his observations bring his interviewees completely out of their shell. How brilliant that such a spiky anarchist can turn into a national treasure, and what a timely reminder that ordinary people are more quirky and inspiring than the household names. A delight. …"

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Score: 4.5

D.J. Taylor • The Tablet UK Jul 13, 2022

"It would have been wonderful had someone failed to recognise him, disliked him or not wanted to talk to him, but this, alas, is not the stuff of which Radio 4 travelogues are made. Still, what remained was highly entertaining and, inter alia, a tribute to the extraordinary range of professions and vocations that people seem to pursue here in the foothills of the twenty-first century. All of them were unfailingly courteous and interesting, although you sensed that there were times when Sayle was finding it hard going..."

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