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A Piece of Cake with Gregg Wallace


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Living a healthy lifestyle is a piece of cake, and former dessert man/national treasure Gregg Wallace is on a journey to learn how. In this podcast, Gregg is about to be joined by the best in the wellness and self-development space to give you the motivation and habits to be the best, healthiest version of yourself, whilst also keeping a big Gregg-style grin on your face. “Doesn’t get easier than this!" For podcast updates make sure to follow Gregg on Instagram @greggawallace Get £40 off your first year of Annual Membership at https://www.GreggWallace.Health/ with code PIECEOFCAKE. And f...

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Score: 3

James Marriot • The Times UK Feb 15, 2024

"If we have to have “wellness and self-development spaces” (and sadly it seems we very much do), I would much rather have them manned by brash, insensitive nutters like Wallace than dreary, etiolated lentil-nibblers like Ella."

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Score: 5

Clair Woodward • The Times UK Feb 4, 2024

"Mixing Wallace’s hyper-enthusiasm with a selection of sensible guests makes health and fitness advice easy to swallow."

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Score: 5.0

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