19 Nocturne Blvd

Julie Hoverson

19 Nocturne Blvd


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Award-winning anthology series of audio dramas, in the realm of the strange, speculative, and supernatural. Some episodes include more mature content, but have warning labels.

Critic Reviews

Score: 3.75

Michael Bergonzi • Audio Drama Reviews Jun 12, 2022

"(Episode: Idiot Box) A high-concept audio drama, “Idiot Box” combines the tropes of TV watching with the real-world Milgram experiments aims low with its treatment of reality TV contest shows. The similarities between the experiment and reality TV are interesting, but the audio drama doesn’t go nearly as deep as it wants to be. For people who were already aware of the experiment, the way things are wrapped up wasn’t inevitable but it was surprising. It doesn’t quite ruin the beginning, but what occurred there wasn’t exactly groundbreaking."

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