The Top Podcast Critics So Far (Early 2023)

Bar Graph for Podcast Critics
The Critics Bar

There are a lot of lists of top podcasts out there including us. However, we also have a platform with other information that is fun. So, I dug a little deeper into what we do. Critics. This is the early 2023 Critics list.

In this quick post, I list the top 12 clicked-through critics on Great Pods with the percentage as a whole of all the click-throughs. What does this mean? If you, the reader/listener want to read the full review from a critic, and you click on the button "Read Full Review" that is what is counted here.

Starting off: The average click-throughs total in "Reading Full Reviews" is 19.3% since January 1st. The caveat is that some are behind paywalls so users may have a bad experience.

So pretty

The Top 12: Out of all the reviewers that were clicked these are the top 12 people with their percentage of clicks. Impressive note: 9 out of the 12 are Women.

  1. James Marriot 11.9%
  2. Miranda Sawyer 8.66%
  3. Ximena Smith 7.76%
  4. Hilary Rose 5.53%
  5. Nicholas Quah 5.09%
  6. Lauren Passell 4.96%
  7. Patricia Nicol 3.89%
  8. Fiona Sturges 3.82%
  9. Hannah Verdier 2.46%
  10. Hollie Richardson 2.19%
  11. Kev (Tea In The Sahara) 1.59%
  12. Natalie Wexler 1.54%
    (Source: Great Pods Amplitude Analytics)

Final note: U.S. publications are still lagging behind in more podcast reviews.

That's all for now. Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions! And subscribe to the weekly newsletter!