Serial's New Podcast, The Retrievals just announced - Trailer

Serial's New Podcast, The Retrievals just announced - Trailer

Just in: Serial and The New York Times just announced their new podcast, The Retrievals, a new 5-part medical true crime podcast with a trailer. It's launching on June 29th, 2023.

"This American Life" editor, Susan Burton, reports on this narrative podcast.

Sarah Burton

Check out the trailer here:

Listening to the part where one of the women says "You are treated like a hysterical woman the moment you walk in..." reminded me of the episode of Golden Girls (yes, Golden Girls) where Dorothy was called similar for having a health issue and Doctor's dismissing her.

We'll have critic reviews as soon as they start coming in. Stay tuned here:

Critic Podcast Reviews - The Retrievals
Dozens of women seeking to become mothers came to a fertility clinic at Yale. A (five-part) narrative series about the shocking events that unfolded there. From Serial Productions and The New York Times.

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From the press release:

The New York Times and Serial Productions today announced “The Retrievals,” a new five-part podcast hosted by author and “This American Life” editor Susan Burton. The narrative series weaves together voices of Yale Fertility Center patients to tell a powerful and textured story about the treatment of women in medical settings and what happens when one of the most established fertility clinics in the country is held accountable for failing to protect its patients.

"In ‘The Retrievals,’ Susan Burton takes on a question I've always wanted to explore: Why do we not take women's pain more seriously?" says Julie Snyder, the executive editor of Serial Productions. "What happened to the patients in this story is horrible. But how each of them made sense of it -- both before they knew the source of their pain, and after they learned the truth -- is fascinating and so illuminating."

“The Retrievals” tells the story of a dozen women who underwent egg retrieval procedures at the Yale Fertility Center. For months they complained of severe pain. But nobody caught on to exactly what was wrong, until one day when an anesthesiologist noticed a loose cap on a vial of fentanyl. Soon the truth was revealed: a nurse at the clinic had been stealing the pain medication and replacing it with saline. Eventually the nurse has her own story, about her own pain, that she tells to the court. And then there is the story of how this all could have happened at the Yale clinic in the first place. “The Retrievals” is a five-part series about the patients who say their pain was dismissed, a nurse who was hiding something, and the institution that failed to protect its patients.