Podcast Incubators and Bootcamps

Short list of podcasting bootcamps and incubators...and maybe a festival

Podcast Incubators and Bootcamps
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In my initial search for a Podcast Incubator or Bootcamps, much like a Startup Incubator, there aren't that many. Potentially your local university or college will have courses like the one listed below from Berkeley. Some conferences even go through education and training. Here are some we've discovered along the way.

Google Podcasts creator program w/ PRX - Applications open until April 24th, 2022

Stitcher's Breakthrough Fellowship - Deadline April 28th, 2022 (3 years of work experience required)

Outlier Podcast Festival - May 5th, 2022 Austin, TX
An out-of-the-box podcast festival featuring indies and networks alike. Co-creators Arielle and Ever welcome experimental tracks and speaker topics. Pitch your podcast too.

Podcasting: Telling Stories In Sound - UC Berkeley - May 9th-June 10th - Cost $840

The Podcast Academy - Ongoing Virtual - Classes and Mentorships - Free with membership. Reach out to hello@greatpods.co if interested.

(Beginners) The Guardians Podcasting Bootcamp - Virtual Tickets - Date Tue, 14 June 2022 - How to get started in podcasting with Craig Templeton Smith and Jack Soper - Learn the nuts and bolts of podcast production, and acquire the skills to start hosting and producing your own. - Skill: Beginners and aspiring podcast producers who want to learn the key practical skills needed to start working on their own project

(Intermediate) The Guardians Podcasting Bootcamp - Virtual Tickets - Dates: Saturday 2 July and Sunday 3 July 2022 - How to make a podcast: A weekend bootcamp with the Guardian’s audio team - A comprehensive guide to creating your podcast with the Guardian’s audio team, with the opportunity to learn about pre- and post production. - Skill: Anyone with a basic understanding of podcast production. Anyone who is looking to expand their technical knowledge and creative skills to take their podcast to the next level.

Radio Bootcamp - Ongoing
Radio Boot Camp offers focused and intensive courses with professional instructors that will get you started and keep you going, whether you’ve never picked up a mic or know your basics but want to learn more.

Podcast Bootcamp | UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute - Not in session

KCRW's Podcast Bootcamp - Not in session

Neon Hum's Podcast Editors Bootcamp - In Session Spring 2022

Vanderbilt University Podcast Institute led by Jad Abumrad - Not yet launched

PRX, PBS Kids, CPB Ready to Learn Accelerator - Not yet open

OSSA Production Bootcamp - Not in session

This is a working document and will be updated when there is more information. If you have a Bootcamp or Incubator, please email hello@greatpods.co with the necessary information and links.