The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Podcast Reviewed - Podcast Promotion

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Podcast Reviewed - Podcast Promotion
Oh Sweet ratings...

*Updated 4/11/23
*Previously updated 6/30/22

Great Pods collects podcast critic reviews into one spot to help listeners old and new determine if they want to listen to a podcast and even discover new ones.

Podcast critics?! Who are they? How can I get my podcast reviewed by them? Good question! We are here to help. Our hope is that podcast criticism is thoughtful and supplies the podcaster with some good feedback as well as a great reason to listen to a podcast. They come from blogs to prominent publications, lists to newsletters, rather than a user bombing that may occur on other platforms.

About this list. It combines blogs, websites, and writers that have opted in. It is an ongoing list. For those links below that only have emails, please be considerate of their time and have a press kit ready that includes, a trailer, episodes, listen links, website link, logo, description, and creator(s) info. Remember that most of them are not obligated to write a review and could be free or paid. I'd love to hear how the experience goes.

Once published, send an email to with the links and we'll index them on the site!

There is no guarantee of a positive review or a review at all. You must be open to receiving criticism. Be kind.

These are newsletters we deem as professional reviews to be indexed on the site.
Please provide a press kit described in the above paragraph of inclusions and the following: or plinkhq link to your podcast.

  • Devin from Podstack - Subscribe and reply to the newsletter - All Genres - Less emphasis on True Crime
  • Stephen O. from Podcast Delivery - Get Featured - All Genres
  • Lauren from Podcast the Newsletter - Subscribe - All Genres
  • Tal from Podplane - Submission Page - Genre Specifics: Spotlighting podcasts by trans, nonbinary, and non-cis creators
  • Ayo from Sounds Like Impact - Submission Page - Mostly Episode Specific - Spotlighting podcasts focused on social impact

One last note, do NOT forget niche blogs. If they are consistently writing and can articulate their opinions we can look into qualifying them. If you are a fitness podcast, reach out to fitness blogs for a potential write-up.  

If you are a critic or don't know if you consider yourself one, reach out to us at and we'll help guide you. Finally, do not take offense if you do not get a response. Keep learning and keep trekking.

Oh Critics...