Authentic: The Story of Tablo Launch

Authentic: The Story of Tablo Launch

iHeart Podcasts is teaming up with Vice News to launch a new podcast on Korean hip-hop superstar, Tablo, from Epik High.

In 2010, Tablo and his group's credibility and talent were questioned and started a disinformation mob.

"His story is the story of fake news before fake news had a name. It’s the story of erosion of truth before a U.S. president had to be fact-checked by Twitter."

Epik High is performing at Coachella 2022. Perfect timing to get the story and word out.


Critic Podcast Reviews - Authentic: The Story of Tablo
Korean hip hop star Tablo was at the height of his career when a rumor started spreading on the internet that he was a liar. As a trivial accusation explodes into an international obsession, host Dexter Thomas Jr follows a bizarre conspiracy that asks one fundamental question: are we who we say we a…

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