Archetypes Podcast Reviews- Is it worth your ear time?

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Archetypes with Meghan Markle

Maybe. The reviews and ratings are in. Spotify & Archewell Audio (Meghan Markle, Prince Harry) released Archetypes with Meghan Markle as the host. You can read the description here. We went ahead and pulled the reviews and ratings together because that is what we do at Great Pods.

Update 10/4/2022: After a pause in the release of the episodes for the Queen's passing, episodes have now resumed. Some with further editing. Read here.

Released on Tuesday, August 30th, Google search skyrocketed on Google Trends and peaked on Wednesday, August 31st. That is around the same time Great Pods peaked as well for the podcast.

Peak search via Google Trends

It was #1 the first week on the Spotify charts, knocking off Joe Rogan, and as of late #2 for the second week. This was a similar trend for Great Pods when Batman Unburied was released dethroning Joe. For two weeks so far, (9/5/22), Archetypes has been our top podcast page.

Meghan Markle Podcast ‘Archetypes’ Stays No. 1 on Spotify Charts for Second Straight Week
Meghan Markle continued her reign atop Spotify’s podcast charts worldwide for the second week in a row, as the Duchess of Sussex’s “Archetypes” continues to attract a robust…

Overall, media outlets have reported mixed reviews while tabloids like to shine the negativity. For the most part, it's mostly neutral.

Hollie Richardson • The Guardian • Sep 1, 2022
"Meghan Markle’s podcast is one of the most hyped of the year – but that’s not to say it’s the best. Still, the Duchess of Sussex is compelling…"

Exactly. It's not the best, but it's not terrible either. On Great Pods, the podcast was #1 last week with listeners wanting to read reviews and ratings.

Archetypes Trailer

Since we are in the "golden age of podcasting", the expectations are high regardless of who you are. That said, if Meghan Markle was a beginner and not an influencer, this would most likely be a great introduction.

As of writing this post, two episodes have been released and I have listened to both. The Mariah Carey episode is incrementally better than the Serena Williams. Meghan does have a soothing audio voice over these last two episodes.

The famous 1-star review from James:

James Marriot • The Times UK
"The only enjoyable bit involves Meghan seeming to have a dig at the royal family. The listener’s overwhelming sense is of futility and irritation."

A 5-star review from Keelin:

Keelin • Mentally? A Magpie.
"Archetypes is easy to sink into. I honestly wanted to just go along on a journey. This podcast is designed to feel like a lazy river ride. It has a direction, it’s just not necessarily in a big rush to get you there. Relax, and take the time to just listen.

You can read the 13+ critical reviews of the podcast on Great Pods below:

Critic Podcast Reviews - Archetypes
Archetypes with Meghan Markle - a podcast where we investigate, dissect, and subvert the labels that try to hold women back. (Only on the Spotify App)

Lastly, Deadline reported that the guest list for Archetypes was released. Take a peek.

Meghan Markle’s Chart-Topping ‘Archetypes’ Podcast Guest List Reportedly Revealed
Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast was number one on Spotify in its first 24 hours last week, overtaking usual U.S. frontrunner The Joe Rogan Experience. The premiere episode featured Serena Willia…